Thursday, March 24, 2011

WWPD: What would Palin do?

Don Haase was appointed by current Alaska Governor Sean Parnell (R) to sit on their state's Judicial Council, a panel that nominates state judges.

Haase testified Wednesday that he believes it should be illegal for Alaskans to have sex outside of marriage.

Yes, you read that right. Haase wants to see Alaskans prosecuted for the crime of pre-marital sex.

For some reason I find myself wondering... would former Governor Sarah Palin back this guy's political agenda?

You can read more about the appointee, here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

limping along in laptop land

Sorry I haven't been around much. I haven't been visiting my own blog let alone anyone else's. My excuse is a pretty good one. I am, as they say, technologically swamped.

1. I'm finally getting rid of a dinosaur desktop that still runs Windows 2000. The task of combing through old files and forgotten photos has given me headaches and backaches.

2. I moved the kids' defunct desktop out of their playroom. Whew, the dust that accumulates under those things. Dust allergies be damned, I'm looking into recycling or donating both computers if they're not too obsolete for charity.

3. I stepped on my laptop a few months ago. I've been watching it slowly succomb to the fuzzy electronic equivalent of an evil black spider daily growing larger on my screen and blocking my view.

If you've never been privvy to the cracked screen phenomenon, it's really quite fascinating. Eye strain not withstanding.

All of this to say, a new laptop for me. I'm in the middle of transferring files from the old laptop as we speak.

But oy, an ADD nightmare. So many files, so little short term memory. Should I save or should I trash, now? This indecision's killing me.

4. For too long we've been coping with a printer that drinks more ink than a barfly slurps cheap whiskey. After fully one year of researching asking my neighbor his opinion on laser printers, I broke down and bought one of those, too.

5. My daughter's cell phone and iPad were stolen out of her backpack at school. Thankfully her dad took care of that crisis though I was subject to the groans of a text-deprived adolescent.

6. My other daughter plus friend were playing Austin's Next Supermodel in our driveway. The camera was, apparently, left on the runway and stepped on. Or it was dropped (not that anyone has fessed up). The retractable lens is now jammed and stuck in permanently erect status (unlike other household playthings). Pliers to no avail, the camera is a goner. The family camera, i.e., the family's only camera. Still trying to figure out consequences for that mishap.

7. My office phone died. Bought a new one, installed it (crawling under my desk and detangling wires between client appointments), cursed it, returned it (ridiculously-over-complicated-programming-syndrome), and now have it's replacement sitting on my desk awaiting it's trial run.

Getting used to a new programmable phone is no small task. I don't know about you but I find it impossible to figure out if a gadget will meet my needs short of trial and error.

Ok, I think that about covers it.

When the file transfers, phone upgrades and wireless network adjustments are complete, I hope to resume blogging.

Until then, may the force of functional devices be with you.

Update: Confession extracted. The friend did it. Tripped and dropped it. Can't imagine why, running in the dark, in a long sundress and cowboy boots.

Monday, March 14, 2011

spring break invasion

It's spring break week in Texas. Port Aransas is a small island off the coast of Corpus Christi. A town of less than population 4000 is expecting anywhere from 60-100,000 students. It's an invasion!

So my husband is in the lobby of our Gulf Coast condo and takes this picture of another type of invasion. Apparently the powers that be in the four corners of the universe want in on some of the college coed action:

What kind of UFOs excitement are you entertaining for your spring break?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

rocking my red flats

I'm not much of a pump wearer, but I will gladly rock my red flats.

Thanks to My Piece Of Mind, I am now aware that today is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Every 10 minutes an American is infected with HIV. The threat is still alive.

So we all need to spread the word and Rock the Red Pump. Please check out the website, sign up, promote this day of protection on your blog, Twitter and/or Facebook and encourage those you love to be safe.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

my love affair with jeans

I'm pretty sure my very first pair of official blue jeans were hip huggers. The hippie version of today's low rise. I was probably eleven or so when I got them. I remember the feeling as I wore them. Hip. Cool. Seventeen.

At some point in junior high I graduated to my first true love: Levi's. I wore them until I wore them out. They came in blue denim, brown corduroy, and painter pants white. Their versatility kept the love affair alive.

But then along came their first true rival, designer jeans. When the first designer jeans ever were introduced, Jordache, I was a high schooler. The mass marketed designer clothing thing was new, let alone in something as basic as denim. But I was not tempted. I thought they looked ridiculous with their dark blue, even, un-faded look, their tight clingy-thighs and their little pockets embroidered with swirly-bobs. I couldn't take them seriously and besides, my mother couldn't take their price. So I remained faithful to Mr. Strauss.

Long about my junior year in college I succomed to the designer temptation, however, to the siren call of Calvin Klein.

And for awhile, nothing came between me and my Calvin(s). But ultimately I returned to the loose legpants of Levi. Pre-shrunk, button-fly, orange-tag, red-tag, acid wash, light wash, 501's and 504's. I loved them all.

The next greatest blue jean revolution for this woman suffering through the waist-pinching, post-childbirth phase of her life was stretch jeans. And when Levi's came out with their version? I fell in love all over again. For the first time ever I could tolerate tight fitting jeans. I'm not sure anyone observing my evolution from behind was pleased, but I sure was.

Which takes me to now. The latest blue jean phenom appears to have hit the airwaves.

I saw them the other night in one of those tacky television commercials on cable, while, as it happens, I was stuffing my face with a juicy burger and fries. It's only fitting, if you think about it.

But really? If jammie is the future of jeans? I am filing for denim divorce.

Until then, Levi's? You are safe.

Disclaimer: One night after I wrote this post, Stephen Colbert did a segment on Levi's (scroll to 1:52), another example of my common experience with synchronicity. Or maybe the staff at Colbert Nation are running out of ideas and have taken to peeking at unposted blog posts.

Thursday, March 03, 2011


1. Bring your favorite adult beverage.

2. No cover charge and drinks are included.

3. A good margarita is exactly what I need right now.

4. Well, you see, officer, it all started when she spilled her drink on me.

5. I'd better get out of here soon!

6. But what if nobody answers? Do I get to make another call?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to kicking back and relaxing, tomorrow my plans include catching up on continuing education and Sunday, I want to take a walk in this warm almost-spring weather!

Want to join in on the Friday Fill-In Fun? Click on the margarita.