Sunday, April 03, 2011

lady aggies make history

Way to go, Aggies! They beat number one seed Stanford to win a spot in the national championship game. It's the first time Aggies have made it to the NCAA women's basketball finals.

We've been following the Lady Ags all season and have seen some exciting basketball. Sam and I took our girls and two of their friends (all played on their middle school team) to see the Aggies beat the hell outta t.u. Longhorns in their Austin arena. I loved that the girls got to see stadium seats filled up to watch women's sports.

To quote one commenter on an Aggie sports blog, "This isn't women's basketball, this is BASKETBALL!"

And here are a couple fascinating factoids:

Aggies got the chance to play Stanford after beating number one seed, Baylor, who beat the Aggies three times during conference play. And now? Notre Dame just beat number one seated UConn after losing to them three times. Fourth time is a charm.

Second factoid: Stanford held the record for the fewest turnovers, Aggies for forcing the most turnovers. Aggies ended up forcing Stanford to turnover 22 times. Poetic justice, the game ended on a Stanford turnover.

And hats off to a superb coach, Gary Blair, for keeping it positive. That's him hugging 6'8" Baylor player, Brittney Griner (only women's college player to ever dunk the ball during a game). For the past five years Blair has drawn a plus sign on the back of his hand to "keep it positive." You can see it on his hand in the photo at right. He understands these are college kids and it's just a game.

So it's on to the National Championship on Tuesday night!

Gig 'Em Fightin' Texas Aggies. Beat the Fightin' Irish!

You can see more pictures, here.


Red Shoes said...

I knew the Lady Aggies had a fairly decent team, but when I saw they were playing Baylor on TV this past week, I HAD to watch that game. I was SO ready to see Baylor lose to someone... the only thing I really know about Baylor is that the 6'8" punched someone last year, and there seemed to be outrage that she wasn't removed from the team.

To make things better, Notre Dame just beat UConn...


shrink on the couch said...

Beating Baylor after losing three straight was great. Especially with Griner grabbing just about every rebound that came her way. And yes, Griner has a temper. We've seen some of that throughout the year. I didn't see the punch, though.

Angeliki said...

I love watching basketball, so much better than football!

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

I don't watch or know much about basketball, but YAAAY anyway :) Love to see women's sports teams doing so well.

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Me again! Mentioned you on my blog today. Not the first time, but worth letting you know about, haha :)