Wednesday, January 02, 2008

mature audiences

<<“Everyone wants to read about sex!” Lucia Perillo writes in her essay in “Do Me,” an eclectic literary anthology dedicated to sex in all its glorious — and not so glorious — iterations.>>

This opening sentence of a recent NYTimes book review reminds me why I started this blog. Well, one of the reasons. I was searching for blogs with frank and mature discussions about sexuality. Not mature, as in, "for mature audiences only" but mature, as in, intelligent, informed and oriented toward loving, caring, needful, healthy sex. I don't need to expound on the seedy results of my surfing adventure. Fortunately, I have been finding a few blogs with potential, so all is not hopeless. Recommendations welcome. Meanwhile I plan to check out "Do Me" and see what it does for me.

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therapydoc said...

Thanks for including me in your list.