Monday, January 28, 2008

doing taxes made a little easier...

...with the right music running in the background. Thought I'd share the online music "radio station," Pandora. I don't know how I lived without it. You plug in your favorite artist or your favorite tune. Pandora does the rest. Plays a few songs by your favorite artist then searches for like-sounding tunes, music with the same tonality and tempo. Most of the time I hear artists I've never heard before so its fresh. And I've got a "CDs to Buy" list going. No obligation to buy anything, by the way. You can mix up the artists on one "station" (chosen by you). Right now I'm listening to my Beth Orton / Allison Krauss combo. And at this very moment a new favorite (thanks to Pandora), Deb Talon. It allows you to nix tunes you're not fond of -- you won't have to listen to that one again. And best of all, no commercials. Life is good. Now back to the taxes.

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