Friday, June 20, 2008

where the hell is matt 2008

Matt chose the perfect spot in Texas - in front of the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue on Town Lake, Austin, newly renamed "Lady Bird Lake."

What a dream job, huh? "Dancing badly" across the world.

Here's some of Matt's earlier dancing.

Here's an interview where he talks about landing this awesome gig.

And here's a story behind the haunting song in Matt's earlier video, Rorogwela, a traditional folk song sung by a woman named Afunakwa. Matt goes to the Solomon Islands to find Afunakwa and pay tribute but learns she has died. He interviews Afunakwa's cousin who translates the song. A very old ancestral history, she sings about comforting her "e nomi," orphan brother and sister, who are crying because they are living on their own. "Stay quiet. Even though you cry, I still carry you."

In 1992, Rorogwela was sampled by Deep Forest and used in a song called "Sweet Lullaby" which is the music used in Matt's dancing video. The song became an international pop hit, selling over 3 million copies.


JCK said...

He wanted a change...and he got it. Really interesting journey even if he could use some dance lessons.


That sounds like an amazing job! I can't believe someone would actually do this! It's quite funny actually...

AnnD said...

I loved this post! I'm so glad you have it up! I just might have to steal the video and put it on my own (I'll cite you of course!). I laughed and got teary-eyed!!! You always find the most awesome, heart-warming things! You must be the best therapist ever!

shrink on the couch said...

jck - all because his friend dawdled at lunchtime!

jam - its the job of a lifetime, that's for sure

ann - thanks for your kind words! I have to credit my son for pointing the way to dancing matt, and he told me "the new matt video is out today, Mom!" so there ya have it.

Heather T said...

This was great! Thank you so much for posting it!