Friday, May 02, 2008

lecko my gecko

Spring means romance, even for little Iguanidae. At first I thought the big lizard was eating the smaller one and then, duh, it dawned on me, they're bumpin' uglies. For the record, she didn't look like she was enjoying the ride.

Scientific note: they aren't gecko's, they're called Green Anole lizards, or Anolis carolinensis for the true naturalists among us.

Here's an actual gecko taking an evening stroll in my kitchen sink. I think she was admiring her own reflection, given how clean and shiny it is, thanks to tips from FlyLady (ignore the globbish smudge in the right hand corner of the photo, its an aberration, I assure you). We're packing for a camping weekend, or, rather, my husband is doing the bulk of it, while I am sneaking a blog fix, and he's shooting me subtle evil looks. So more on FlyLady later, an excellent site (though a bit cheesy) for the chronically disorganized, house cleaning haters of the world.


JCK said...

I even put together a Flylady notebook. I was that inspired. Now, alas, it is gathering dust - like my house. However, I will, yes I will pull it out one of these days. And better yet, use it.

Have a wonderful camping trip!

Anonymous said...

I really love those little gecko things.

Hope your camping trip was a success and that the weather was kind to you.

shrink on the couch said...

Thanks, jck and rb ... your good camping wishes came true. We enjoyed a perfect weekend -- a beautiful Saturday on the river, relaxed and sunny with a cool breeze. We tubed and swam until 8pm.

I'm impressed, jck! I've never gotten my act together well enough to compose a Flylady notebook. I don't follow FL regularly, but its principals motivate me to stay on top of things, help me to get started when I'm in mega-procrastination mode. I fall back on it now and again, basically, is how I use it.

Alison said...

Well we've had our Oz gecko's hanging around here all summer. They're kinda browny-transparent in colour and have a really distinctive call. They've gone now with the cooler weather.

I do like your two green iggies though! And the little sink guy is very sweet.

isabella mori said...

another flylady enthusiast! yay!

here in vancouver we don't have geckos in our sink but the other night i saw a bunch of coyotes down the (suburban) street, does that count? and of course raccoons everywhere ...

shrink on the couch said...

We've got coyotes too, Isabella. Often we are sitting outside and can hear them making all kinds of noise, sounds like coyote pups wrestling. Do you hear that too? We are trying to figure out if they're being fed by the momma coyote or whether the pups are playing.