Saturday, December 29, 2007

maiden voyage

ah. my maiden post. read, very first blog sentence. momentous, if not downright earth shattering, given my lack of tech proficiency.
I don't read many blogs (trying to improve on that, my new year's resolution) so please excuse the inaccurate bloggo-babble.
I may post on such topics as: political rants (original, huh?), psycho-social-feminist commentary, health, all things family, including headaches and heartwarming side of parenting, marital angst, sexuality and the middle aged perspective (young hardbodies need not apply), balancing family life with career in head shrinkery. Yup, I'm all over the map. Gotta work on narrowing down. Maybe that'll be next year's resolution.
alrighty, lets see how this ship sails.

1 comment:

Moderate Democrat said...


To begin with, I would change your photo. Those pictures are simply unflattering to you. What you need is something to emphasize the petiteness of your body that says that you exercise and eat healthily.

Look this web site over [], and don some of these togs. Believe me, you will look the part of a yogurt advocate.