Wednesday, June 04, 2008

no more teachers dirty looks or incorrect imbeds

Apparently my dread of summer "vacation" had a catastrophic effect on my previous blog posting accuracy. Specifically, imbedding Pink Floyd's The Wall instead of what's there now. Apologies to Pink Floyd and to all readers who were scratching your heads thinking, "huh? I don't get it." Or the less polite, "what the fock?"

Note to self: Test run.


Anonymous said...

haha yeah always a good idea but sometimes it's rather fun when things go wrong.

What's happened to Amy Winehouse then? I rather like Amy and I thought I was going to find her here but no - she is hiding!

laurie said...

aaaahhhh "the wall." it makes me nuts. when i was getting divorced 10,000 years ago my husband-at-the-time, scott baio (well, a scott baio lookalike, anyway) used to put on "the wall" and play it so loud the windows rattled.

Anonymous said...

That's weird re the winehouse post.

I have learnt the hard way re post/publish and always postdate mine whilst I am working on them - that way they are not published if you push the publish button by mistake!! They just appear as scheduled. So if you set them a week ahead then you have plenty of time to retrieve them!

Looking forward to seeing it in due course.

shrink on the couch said...

laurie - I'm not a big floyd fan either. I heard it soooo much, was sick of it, it was all the rage especially among the boys in my high school and college years. I got sick of going to guys parties and nothing but one Floyd song after another. What is it about the male psyche that Floyd seems to call to? clueless here.

rb - postdating during the pre-publish phase. great ideer. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your blog's name is so delightful!

shrink on the couch said...

thanks, iamme!