Saturday, June 21, 2008

no cuntry for old man


JCK said...

For a moment this felt funny to me and then it feels like another example of sexism and going after the women - with the pretext of poking fun of McCain. I'm a liberal and voting for Obama, but I'm also a feminist and the loose use of the word "cunt" thrown around loosely bothers me.

But, then...maybe I take things too seriously. ;)

Queers United said...

the media could easily report on this without saying the actual word, they are just conservatively biased

phd in yogurtry said...

jck - good point. for some reason the horrible "c" word doesn't offend me (??). what does cause me to pause is where the woman ends up kicking the guy for using the very word she mocked the media for being too "squeamish" about. Adding to the stereotype of women as unpredictable, fickle and emotionally reactive.

but it still made me laugh. especially the ending.

queers - sure. in a real news room I imagine they'd refer to it as "the c word" (as I just did - ha).

Alison said...

I like it.