Wednesday, November 12, 2008

seven things

Grandy posted a meme today, here, and tagged the blogosphere. I've been tagged a few times for memes and so far I don't think I've completed one. I want to, mean to, start them, but somehow never finish (story of my life, seems like). So here goes.

Seven Things About CoffeeYogurt in High School

1. Like Grandy and Vodka Mom's daughter, I played field hockey all through high school. Loved that sport. I had to make a decision, my sophomore year, between tennis (of which I lettered my freshman year) or field hockey when the lousy powers that be in NJ moved girls tennis to the fall. Because, by all means, let's make sure boys tennis gets priority. We girls griped that very few boys played both football and tennis .. but lots of girls played both field hockey and tennis. Anyway, I'm turning this into a mini-dissertation. But one last point, our team played in the NJ State Championship but lost 2-1. I scored the only goal for our team. It was a whirlwind season. In the spring, my friend and I tried out for boys tennis team. Making school history. It came down to match that we played during school hours, for which a ton of people watched. We lost. Barely. I cried in the girls bathroom afterwards.

2. I wrote a paper for English Lit: how love was the downfall of two monarchies, Napolean and the last Czar of Russia. Is that deep, or what? BadMom?

3. I used to walk to my best friend's house mornings so that we could walk to school together. Her boyfriend plus friends used to park their car in her driveway. One chilly morning I walked up to see the inside of the boyfriend's car completely filled with smoke. To the point you couldn't see any of the three guys inside puffing on their weed. It was a scene out of Cheech & Chong. There's a saying, "The difference between good girls and bad girls is good girls don't get caught." Uh, yeah. Boys too.

4. I once was summoned to the Asst Principal's office after skipping 5th period study hall. Because the AP saw my boyfriend and me walking to the BFr house during 5th period (boyfriend's mom worked, if you know what I mean). He promised he wouldn't tell my parents and I promised I would never do that again. I didn't. Half a step closer to bad girl. Thanks Mr. C, if you're reading this.

5. I got a permanent in my hair on the day of Junior Year Homecoming. I wanted that tousled-look. Instead I got that poodle-fro-look. I cried all the way home. Then bravely went to the football game anyway. It was the most miserable day of my life. And for the next few weeks following. Things were never the same between my boyfriend and me.

6. At least one, maybe two years, I walked home everyday for lunch because I landed a lunch period which none of my close friends shared. I was too shy and too self-conscious to branch out. With hair like that, who could blame me?

7. I had seven or eight close girlfriends who were the best friends a girl could have. We had so, so, many fun times. Like one time we camped out in the woods. It started raining at 3am and most of us had no tents. Rain sodden, head pounding due to massive quantities of red punch and southern comfort, I watched a spider splash around in a puddle near my shoulder until the sun came up. Then we had to drag one hundred pounds of wet sleeping bags across corn fields and cow pasture. Good times. We're still in touch to this day. Now if just one of them would leave a comment, just once, ever, I'd (stop pestering them) be overjoyed!

Me and my peeps, 25 years later.


Mental P Mama said...

That is great! I had a sympathy stomach ache just reading some of that. The perm? Oh you poor baby!

Queers United said...

yay for making school history, you go down in your schools feminist movement!

Eudea-Mamia said...

I'm familiar with #6 - but I used to go hang out on the back steps with my sack lunch. I never understood why that can't work it where every grade had lunch at the same time.

High school self esteem would be higher!! And we can all use that boost.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Oh, that was a great meme read!

Cheech and Chong. *snort*

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm betting you'll be watching your own kids like a hawk. That's how it's worked for me.

Who knew there were so many field hockey players turned bloggers--I was a midfielder.

Grandy said...

What the hell? No one warned you about the dang perm? Oh I'm sorry!!

Thanks for playing along with the meme. I'm honored you picked mine to start with. ;)