Tuesday, November 04, 2008

if you haven't done so, get out there already!

Reading Jenn's post about closing her eyes til it's all over made me think about how we plan to watch the returns. My neighbors are having a party, watching the results come in on a big projector screen outside. I don't especially want to mix alcohol with so much riding on the outcome. Could get ugly. So I'll likely stay home. Or I might slip over there if the returns come in with a clear victory early. I may wants to gets me some group hug action. Its been a long 8 years, 12 plus if you count the fact that we had to cope with Bush as governor before he was President.

My husband will stay home. He is a true political junkie. He will have nothing to do with such a public spectator event. He wants full control of the remote so he can frenetically change back & forth between pundits. He wants to hear every word, see every magic map change color, watch as each state's winner is declared. And eat popcorn while he's at it.

Our favorite commentator is James Carville. He's a coonass, sha.

We want to see him looking victorious. It's been hard watching him look so, well, rabid these past 8 years. We loved watching him on Crossfire, pitted against Robert Novack.

Our very favorite pundit event is when husband and wife duo, Carville and Matalin, face off.
Where has she been this campaign season, anyway? Has James finally won her over to the dark side? I find myself fascinated with their marriage, right versus left, staunch Clinton supporter versus Cheney aide. How does that work, exactly? What must their pillow talk be like?

For the benefit of any other Carville fanatics, I stumbled upon this post in my Google search. It talks about the Carville-Matalin D.C. abode as featured in Architectural Digest January 2008. Damn, missed that! Will be dialing Half Priced Books in search of.

And Chris Matthews of MSNBC Hardball is my daily standby pundit.

We'll be catching him tonight for sure. He's a Philadelphia boy, if noone figured that out with his Phillies cap on the day of the victory parade. I like to hear his accent, reminds me of "home." As well as his hard hitting, won't-take-fluff-for-an-answer, questions.

How will you watch the election returns? Got any favorite television pundits?


Mental P Mama said...

Mary Matalin scares the poo out of me. i am with your husband tonight. I don't want to miss a minute! We have waited a loooong time for today.

Heather said...

I kid you not, I campaigned for Bush the first in the 1988 election. It was at the victory party where all the politicos were gloating that I realized, I don't belong here. I haven't voted for a republican since. Talk about a lesson learned from going to victory parties!

I'm staying home tonight and turning in early...because there's no way this will be a squeaker. OBAMA/BIDEN '08!!!

Blue Mountains Mary said...

Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed - oh my word I am nervous!

Queers United said...

vote like your life depends on it, because it does!

Hip Mom's Guide said...

I plan to spend the evening glued to the results, wine in hand. Also, I like the popcorn idea. Maybe I'll switch to Sam Adams--might be better with the salt. And I cannot tell you how many times I've wondered how the Matalin-Carville duo makes it. Seriously, how?

Madge said...

i'm packing for a business trip, so probably just checking it out periodically... although by 11 p.m. eastern i should be glued to the t.v.....

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I was at work until 8:45 in San Diego--I had my radio in my ear all night and made it home just in time for Obama's speech.

Be still my heart. Yes we can.

Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

Those two are very similar to James and myself. It's interesting, that's for sure - not always easy - but I've grown. And I make him grow still at least three nights a week, so we must be doing something right.

JCK said...

So...did you hightail it to the neighbors to drink up and celebrate the other night?

That Carville/Matalin marriage is a puzzle. Or maybe the old adage...opposites attract. But, can you imagine? It would be fighting all the time.