Saturday, July 30, 2011

ding! ding! ding! my 100th follower!

I have been waiting, I kid you not, months, if not 3 years, 7 months and 3 days, for my pathetic 96 followers (the number 96, not the actual persons following) to grow to an awe inspiring 100. And guess what? It happened. Today. (Check sidebar to the right to verify).

Ding! Ding! Ding! (Insert 3-second soundbite).

(Which I couldn't find so I inserted this 4-minute music video instead, Gunther's ding ding dong song. I suggest you click the arrow and listen as you read my dedication post.)

Okay so the best part of my 100th follower experience? I didn't even have to go trolling to lure this honorable personage to my blog table.

No, readers, he found me! Because with a name like I presume he identifies with the male gender. One never knows these days.

Just to be sure, I also looked at his profile picture.

Yes, I would say he is , in fact, a he.

But then, as I was uploading 's picture so my other 99 readers could gender judge for themselves (or gendge for short, because I do believe we need a new verb for this specific purpose, don't you?) I noticed that his profile image was labeled "keanu." So now, unfortunately, 's gender certainly is further obscured.

Sorry for the ambiguity, . Feel free to jump in and clarify.

By the way, if had used this image of keanu as his profile picture I would have been even more confused.

But back to this amazing masterstroke of blogenius, which is electing to become my 100th follower, or, 100th sexiest person alive as the case may be. In honor of this hallowed event, I have decided to dedicate one post to this incredibly kind individual. Or more precisely, his blog.

And thank the almighty gord lod, 's blog, Appellate Sky, is effing hilarious. A stroke of comic genius. I mean, whoever would have thought one could stay awake through, let alone emit laughter* throughout, a blogpost talking about the termination of the space shuttle program?

But it is true, my other 99 friends. Trust me on this. You will not be sorry to read about 's excellent adventure through the intergallactica in his 2002 Chevy Malibu. Nor about the 4000 ton dildo for moms. Who among us can resist that?

I am every bit serious about the laughter factor, that is, in case you think my attempt at acerbic wit undermines my sincerity. I also want to add that he is a southern gentleman who hails from the state of my maternal heritage, Louisiana.

So thank you for jumping aboard and thank you to my other sexy, smart, kind and amazing 99 loyal followers (and to those 8 who routinely leave comments to prove your loyalty) for helping give my humble coffeeyogurt some semblance of blogospheric relevance.

And now? I am going to spend the rest of my Saturday morning reading more about that 4000 ton dildo.

*when a smile has an orgasm, as defined by urban dictionary.


Unknown said...

Congratulations to you on our 100th follower : ) So very exciting!

Megan said...

I demand a similarly fawning entry about myself! I've been here far longer!

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

Thanks for the numerous links and kind praise madam (?) To clear up the confusion I am a hermaphroditic cyborg, but for the sake of convenience let's say I'm a dude. There wouldn't be any confusion if it wasn't for that goddam Scrubs. Deep resentment there.

Mental P Mama said...

And I am 101!!!!

Mrs. G. said...

Congrats. I think you might be up to 102. I forget to follow people because I have them in a reader.

Jocelyn said...

Day-um. Had I known, I'd have gotten my act together and done some organized following earlier. Totally envious of Himself!

This post is high-larious, and I hope #100 appreciates the best shout-out ever in a blog.

usa hot deals said...

Congratulations on your 100th follower I bet he's also grateful to follow your blog site. :)