Saturday, November 13, 2010

wisdom gained from a former president

Wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age.
Sometimes age just shows up all by itself. -Tom Wilson.

Most people complain about aging: the wrinkles, the gray hair, the aches, the pains. I, on the other hand, like to focus on all of the good things aging brings.

Wisdom, for example. Wisdom in the form of an ever expanding vocabulary. Not a week goes by that I don't add at least one new word to my tenuous grasp of the English language.

This week has been a good example. A bonus week, in fact, thanks to our 43rd President, George W. Bush.

Mr. Bush gave several interviews this week as promo for his new memoir, Decision Points. In the ABC Matt Lauer interview I listened to words spoken by the former President that I had never heard before. Words so cutting edge that I can't find them in the dictionary. Words so multi-syllabled and tongue-twistery that I can't pronounce them.

So help me readers, if you can. Let me share them with you and see if you comprehend the wisdom imparted by Mr. Bush.

In the Matt Lauer interview, speaking of the days following our nation's greatest civilian tragedy here's what Mr. Bush had to say:

"'s hard for people to remember that right after 9/11 we were inyuandated (in-you-un-dated) with threats." (16:55)

And on election night 2000:

"It was an amazing night. A night in which I had been declared the loser. It turns out that the exit polls were wrong (and I) had been declared the winner, which created a sense of exhilieration (ex-hill-ee-or-ation)." (15:15)

In the Greta Van Susteren interview, speaking of the media's representation of his relationship with his dad, Mr. Bush said:

"...there's a lot of psycho-bible out there about how he and I compete..." (05:23)

In addition to vocabulary growth, another benefit of aging is the new clinical insights gained over the years from some of the most unexpected sources: Fox News, in this case.

Here's Bush with Van Susteren again, speaking on how sobriety changed the course of his life and how he hopes his sobriety will inspire others to quit drinking:

"I wouldn't be shitting here as a former president had I not quit drinking." (7:25)

I'm not sure how shitting during a televised interview provides inspiration to the drunks out there, exactly. It's my understanding that active alcoholics are more likely to shit themselves. But again, everyday is an opportunity to learn something new.

So I hope you can help me out, readers. Either way, cheers to the years!


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I finally saw Waiting for Superman--which highlights the immortal line "We know childrens can learn."

Anonymous said...

So embarrassing for America, isn't it?! Thanks for the laugh.

shrink on the couch said...

Jenn -- When I grow up I want to see as many movies as you. Superman is on my list.

Another Day -- Yes. I'm ashamed to be from Texas. Whooops - better not say that too loud. Might get banned from Clear Channel.

Emily Shorette said...

Wow. Either he is far more subtle than poor little ole me... or he is such a dumbass.

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Coffeypot said...

He is real, not a con artist like Obama and Clinton. And he has something neither of those two had...Character.

He never screwed another woman outside his marriage, he never bowed to another leader, he never apologized for America and he didn’t have a deficit until the Democrats took over the house.

His only fault is that he didn’t VETO enough.

Jason, as himself said...

That was a good laugh! It has been a while. I've actually missed him.

Okay. Maybe not.

And to Coffeypot: When Clinton lied, nobody died.

Raj said...

Cool. I always found it unbelievable that Clinton can go to the brink of impeachment for telling ONE lie about his personal life while Bush gets away for leading a country into war under false pretenses and lying about it consistently for years.

Anyways, here's a nice article I read recently..

DLK said...

Very funny! Psycho Bible. I'm gonna try and use that one today.

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Ahhh, I guess we'll never hear the last from that old fool, will we? Even Canadians were thrilled when he was finished. Don't worry though, we don't think it's a Texan thing. Nor is it specific to the USA. There are idiots world-wide, and it's truly a mystery how we elect them. Good PR firms I guess?

shrink on the couch said...

Jenn -- Thanks for not lumping me in. But keep an eye out for the next Texas fool to run for Pres in 2012 - our illustrious Governor Rick "Good hair" Perry. Handsome Governors from big states are always a threat and he's been on a tour promoting his book Fed Up, courting the tea partiers.

Mels Place in Big Bear said...

I am so glad to learn new words every day, too!

Glennis said...

The banality of evil.

Angeliki said...

So funny!!!
I think the best way to improve my English and enrich my vocabulary is to start watching interviews with Bush.

Orion said...

Are you talking about the same guy that the legendary KanWay brought light to the eyes of all Americans when he informed us of this prejudicial pres?

Susan said...

I guess I missed the opportunity to learn those new vocabulary words when I refused to listen to a single interview of that man.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I can't watch him now and I couldn't watch him then. Look in his eyes. There's not much going on in there. But most Americans don't like people smarter than them, so this is what you get. I don't know how Obama got elected. I don't know if I agree with everything he has done, but I'm not ashamed anymore of our leader's vocabulary.

Judy said...

I hit the wrong button. Anonymous is me. I'm not ashamed of my comments!

Anonymous said...

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Glennis said...

he didn’t have a deficit until the Democrats took over the house.

Coffeypot, are you delirious?

Bush didn't have a deficit because he kept the cost of the war off the books!

JCK said...

I like how your blog is taking a Paylitical twist..