Saturday, September 11, 2010

and the winner is ...

And the winner of the Who's Kissing Governor Ahnold Contest is .....

Agent X Rae! Come on down! Woot!

I feel something akin to ambivalence here. And misplaced guilt. With the need to defend myself so I can eliminate the guilt. And suspicions.

Let me explian. This is my first blog giveaway. My first experience choosing a random number via an online tool.

Agent X happened to be number one. The first blogger to post. Agent X happens to live in Austin. I happen to know her, even.

As I moved to click the random number generator, my thought was this, "Now you'll come up number one and this will look rigged."
And... so... yup. Number one came up. I have many synchroncity events (synchronictic? synchronicitous?) such as this so it really doesn't surprise me. And since nearby residence was not listed as a disqualifier, Agent X stands as the winner. She also happens to be an ace at pop culture trivia so I think she deserves it as well.