Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PSA wednesday

How often do you say,

"That's so gay" ?

Think its okay?

Not after PSA Wednesday:

Read three more essays on the offensiveness of "You're so gay" here.


Anonymous said...

That phrase has only very recently taken hold over here. I remember some friends in London saying a few years ago that their children were using it in school but I had never heard it here. I do occasionally now particularly amongst students at the Uni rather amongst school children.

I have spoken to my own children about it, although I suspect I probably did not need to as they are pretty forthright at standing up about such issues making their voices heard but when it just becomes something that trips off the tongue then there is a danger that they might, almost inadvertantly use it, I suppose.

Obviously it is something I find very offensive and if a student uses it in my presence I put them on the spot and interrogate them as to how/why they feel it is acceptable. Mostly it simply has not crossed their minds that it is offensive.

shrink on the couch said...

Thanks for doing your part, rb - its something my son hears daily in his jr. high. It does seem to be a term used to say "not cool" or "dorky" as well as its more obvious target, girlish behavior in boys.