Monday, September 15, 2008

more on musicians and oxytocin

No sooner had I posted about
oxytocin and music last week, then I made plans to join some girlfriends and see one of Austin's most awesome musicians, Bob Schneider. His incredible show provided one more note of evidence that this city is, if not the Music Capital of the World, as so frequently touted, then a top contender.

Where else can you hear music this good, at a moments notice, on a Monday night? And I mean, gooooood. I was so impressed and loved every minute of it. Three guitars, a drummer (nay, a percussionist), a string section (or, one guy alternating a cello and a fiddle), a brass section (or, one other guy playing a smallish tuba and a horn), and a squeeze box.

If not because of his music, you may have heard of Schneider because of his
famous ex-girlfriend, Sandra Bullock. She remains a sometimes Austin resident and local bistro owner. You may have also heard of her multi-million dollar Austin lake house debacle rumored to become the couple's love nest (not to be confused with her movie, Lake House). Bullock claimed the house was uninhabitable due to shoddy workmanship, a jury agreed and she was awarded $7 million. Soon after, she bulldozed the 10,000 square foot house to the ground and is now in the process of rebuilding. A different builder, I assume.

But I majorly digress. Back to my original theme, oxytocin.

As I grooved to Bob Schneider's music and felt all googly-eyed like the 21 year old I was 100 years go, I was thinking about how common it is for fans to fall in love with the musician on stage. And the reputation musicians have for falling in lust right back. At least for the night. Present big-assed, middle-aged, perimenopausal fans who don't get out much, excepted.

And because I live and work in a city with so many musicians, I see a fair number in my practice. And what I see is a trend we're all familliar with: a high rate of infidelity. Musicians who can't keep their pants zipped. Traveling troubadours followed from town to town by groupies, obliging them with more than an autograph.

So now with the latest news of oxytocin, this rampant infidelity makes even clearer sense to me.

Bad news for partners of musicians, though, huh? How to feel trust when your partner is on stage oozing the hormone responsible for love, attachment and orgasms while in a room full of adoring, similarly oxytocin intoxicated fans. Add a cold beer or two and you've got a recipe for a cheatin' heart.

Here's one of Bob Schneider's best known songs: Big Blue Sea.

(For a laugh, listen to Schneider wax on about Damien Rice's hair,


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Austin is the only place in Texas I want to visit (Sorry Dallas and Houston)--I'm reminded of listening to the Blues in Chicago.

phd in yogurtry said...

jenn -- I've never been to Chicago but want to go. I want to hear their blues (my favorite).

Lisa Milton said...

Um, you certainly won't find that here on a Monday night.


(My husband is there, in Austin, this week. I'm trying not to pout.)

maggiegracecreates said...

I adore the Chicago blues scene so much and now I want to go party with you in Austin.

have a great week

dkuroiwa said...

When I was a teacher in South Texas (many moons ago!), I went to a couple teacher conferences up in Austin...not sure how the conferences really were, but Austin was great!! That city has such a "feel" about it...very different from Dallas or San Antonio...both great cities, but just. not. Austin.
I remember there being music just everywhere!!! My hub (aka Mr. Music) has Austin on his list of cities he wants to visit!!!

phd in yogurtry said...

lisa -- lucky boy! hope he's having a little bit (not too much) fun.

maggiegrace -- and Austin wants you here!

dkuroiwa -- I do know what you mean by the feel. And like no other Texas city.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I loved Austim when I visited a million years ago.

I really like how you flitted about and created this thought-provoking piece.

apathy lounge said...

Well...I don't blame Jenn about wanting to visit Austin, and I can certainly understand her thoughts on Dallas and Houston, but Fort Worth has everything they have...but less traffic. But, I'm partial.

Reluctant Blogger said...

I have always rather liked Sandra Bullock.

And I have always liked the name Austin. There used to be a UK rugby player called Austin Healy and I always thought that was a fab name - sounds like a vintage car. Not sure I will ever get to Texas though - so many places to visit, so little time.

Anything bad/adventurous I have ever done romance wise has been under the influence of music (more powerful than alcohol for making me lose my senses)!

phd in yogurtry said...

cheri -- thanks. I worried I flitted a bit too much.

apathy -- I spent a weekend in FW and loved it. The water gardens were amazing and there was a cool western bar -- felt like the wild, wild, west.

rb -- I used to want to name a boy child Austin, but when we moved here I thought I better hadn't.

Vodka Mom said...

I have GOT to get to Texas. I have a great friend in Houston - Spring. I still haven't heard from her since IKE. I need to go check on her...........

phd in yogurtry said...

vodkamom -- spring is on the west side of houston, isn't it? Ike didn't do too much damage on that side, I don't think. we have friends in Sugarland. their yard fence went down and lost electricity but that was it. hope its same for your friend.

Mama P said...

I suppose the trick is not to fall in love with musicians on stage, but have sex with your hubby at home to some great music. Sadly for us my husband loves techno music. Sex to Erasure? I think not. But you get the idea.

Oh, glad you had fun!