Sunday, March 16, 2008

she doesn't look back

If you're an art lover, especially the kind you can wear, you will want to enter a fun contest and explore a couple of cool, artsy blogs. You could win a cool pendant, too. Start here at ebeckartist's blog. "e" will instruct you to view some fun artwork and pick your favorite saying from her friend allison's etsy site. My favorite was the forward looking little, star studded birdie, titled, "she doesn't look back." What's yours? Post it back here, too.


e. beck said...
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see you there! said...

This was my pick, you might have spotted it on e.'s blog. " She Has an IPOD Brain in a EIGHT TRACK Body"

Thanks for dropping in at my place. I've been exploring some of the links in your sidebar. Interesting!


PhD in Yogurtry said...

I like the 8-track body, too. I can actually feel the truth in that one! Right now, as I sit here : )

e. beck said...

hey! have you been in contact with allison......since you won and all?

phd in yogurtry said...

e, I cannot remember if I emailed allison back. I've had a super busy couple of weeks (haven't recovered from the spring break / birthday party /easter / camping weekend yet) So I need to email her and see where I can do my shoppng. yee haw. I can't wait.