Tuesday, March 04, 2008

as ohio goes

so goes the nation?
A-O Way to Go Ohio!
Its up to you, now, Texas!


Anonymous said...

As Texas Goes . . .

Congratulations to Hillary Clinton for winning the State of Texas. She was able to garner the endorsements of Rush Limabugh ans Ann Coulter. If you listen to talk radio in Texas, you would know that these endorsements, especially the Rush Endorsement, are the Gold Standard in Texas Politics.

This brings up an interesting question.

What did Hillary have to promise Rush and Ann to get their endorsements?

shrink on the couch said...

Texas delivered the popular vote but the delegate count is still in question. Her campaign is energized so it will be a win regardless.

Something Rush knows is that Texas holds open primaries. Ditto heads were instructed to cross over and vote for Hillary thinking Mccain will then have a better-than-snowball's chance in November. I kind of like the idea of Hillary haters casting a vote for her. Maybe they'll find it isn't all that painful and do it again : )

Regarding promises, I will give you that information after you tell me when the black helicopters will be hovering. Deal?