Monday, August 04, 2008

just another music monday

You know how some singers' voices are so there THERE for you? You hear it and your mind and body just cave, "yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Jimmy Lafave is the there THERE for me. I can't hear him sing without my knees buckling. Pillow talk into my soul.

Lafave was born in Texas. Spent his teen years in Oklahoma. He knew Garth Brooks when the only thing people said about him was, "What kind of name is Garth?"
Lafave came back to Texas to further his singing career and has stayed here ever since.
There are two cover songs he does that kill me: Springsteen's Valentine's Day (Trail, Disc 2) and Dylan's Buckets of Rain (Road Novel).
Here's one of the most well known songs written by LaFave, Never Is A Moment (aka, Beautiful Divine).

I saw him at this venue. I think I was in the audience. I would be the one on my knees.

Oh, and sorry about the poor quality of the recording.


laurie said...

i am so delighted to find another lafave fan!!

i have seen him a couple of times at the Woody Guthrie Festival in okemah, Oklahoma, and i have a couple of his CDs.

i never thought of him as a lust bunny (you can have him for that all to yourself) but oh i do love his music.

this post thrills me!

Kelli Busey said...

..from him to my soul. All my worries dissolved, thank you

bluemountainsmary said...

It kept breaking up on me but I heard enough to go and check him out on Itunes!

Thanks for sharing.

phd in yogurtry said...

laurie - yeah, a fellow lafave lafan! I just lurrrve how he sings dylant tunes, don't you?

kelli - you're welcome

mary - hope you like what you hear

Tasida said...

Good for people to know.