Friday, November 22, 2013

significantly distressing senior moment

Is when you cannot remember which toothbrush is your own.

Note:  All three toothbrushes are mine.  I can't remember my currently using toothbrush.  My currently using toothbrush isn't new, either.  Been using it a month, maybe two.  The other two, older toothbrushes?  One I've been using to clean my jewelry, in particular my anniversary ring, to keep the teeny diamonds shiny.  The other, I'm not even sure why it's there.  I'm guessing I've used it to clean something else or the other.  Something bathroom-ish.

So I picked the one I thought most likely candidate.  As I brushed my teeth I started gagging at the thought of gunky jewelry debris in my mouth.

Next purchase?  A new toothbrush brain.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

when keeping austin weird gets weird

Like so many who are drawn to the area, we like to do our share to Keep Austin Weird, as the city motto goes.  And that means spending what few entertainment dollars our budget allows at locally owned businesses.  Not that this is such a sacrifice.  There aren't too many big chains we like very much anyway.  

Still, it was with high hopes that my husband and I, along with our three teenagers, ventured to a new, locally owned restaurant.  Close to our house, cool atmosphere, beer garden-esque, and serving Tex-Mex and hamburgers, our two most favorite palate pleasers, what could go wrong?

Not much at first.  The burgers were tasty, the fries were our favorite kind (battered and crunchy) and, bonus, a live band was playing some authentic Austin blues. Greatness of life, we thought.  We've found our new Friday night hangout. Minutes after declaring just that, a shocking encounter with the manager left us declaring we would absolutely never go back.

After nearly finishing our meal, the server approached our table, You know there is a $2 cover, per person, for the band.  

Uhh, no? No  cover charge posted anywhere. Server replied that a notice about cover charge was on the menu.  Asked to see the not terribly congenial manager.  You want to see me?  He reeked of irritation.   

Long story short, and more irritable words from the manager, he insisted we pay. No apology. We calmly but uncomfortably informed him we liked the music very much but we planned to put $5 in the tip jar, and sorry, curmudgeonly manager, that was our final offer.  

Truthfully, if we had known about a cover charge, we wouldn't have gone in.  Not with our kids in tow.  They didn't have any interest in the music (old-geazer band) and I would have preferred engaging with our kids. If it were just Sam and I, we would have complained but paid the cover. In any event, has anyone been to a restaurant where kids are charged a cover?  Or am I out of touch?

But back to the story:  Curmudgeonly Manager said he would send someone to collect the $5 tip. Uh no, we will put the $5 in the tip jar ourselves , thank-you-very-much.   CM:  So you're saying the band is not worth $2 !!   

We asked to see the menu to verify cover charge notice. After huffing away, CM never produced it. 

In the end, we left a decent tip for the unfriendly server and left the band its tip.  And left feeling disappointed as could be. 

Were we out of line balking?  Do we give the place a second chance?  I mean, I liked the food, location, outdoor setting with cooling fans and a subtle air mist system. Liked that it's locally owned.  Liked everything but the unposted cover and the unyielding, insulting CM.  

I feel the need to add that this is the first time I've ever had a bad encounter with restaurant management. I rarely complain, often eating mistakes rather than cause a scene.  Sam and I are easy that way.  

So what say ye, readers?  Would you go back? In cognito or otherwise?