Monday, January 07, 2013

another drawback of my brilliant idea

Another potential drawback with my whole watering-down the whole milk idea (what is this, a third world country?) The potential (surety?) for loss of the fortified Vit D.  But don't tell my dream killer husband that.  Actually he's not the nutrition Nazi in this house.  Of the two of us, I am.

Meanwhile, the good news.  None of the kids have commented and they absolutely would if they noticed the slightest distaste, disgruntled at everything I put in front of them besides sugary cereal teenagers that they are.  So I think I'll figure out other ways to get Vit D and keep moving forward with this plan.  Stay tuned.  Or not (yawn).

Sunday, January 06, 2013

new year, new financial challenges

So this year will be, universe and adolescent brain willing, our first year of paying college tuition.  We're right smack in the middle of getting a jump start on our income tax prep, first time in, like, evah, thanks to the FAFSA. (For those of you who have been down the FAFSA road you know how anxiety provoking hitting that final calculation button can be. GULP!  For those of you who aren't there yet, I don't recommend googling this acronym. It's not good for your mental health.)

Anyhow, this morning afternoon as I went about some routine morning chores, I came up with a great idea to save money AND refrigerator space.  Here's how it came about:

My neighbor left town for the holiday break and brought over a gallon of whole milk that her family didn't have time to drink.  Mine is a skim milk family so that gallon has sat in the fridge untouched all week.  My kids think whole milk tastes terrible (not me... I think of it as guiltless liquid vanilla ice cream).

Late last night I decided to take deceptive measures.  With the last gallon skim nearly empty, I added whole milk plus water, shook it up, and voila, a gallon of skim milk is born.

None the wiser, my kids ate their cereal this morning without notice.  So as I refreshed the gallon container once again with the milk/water mix, I thought, why not do this all year long?  Buy only two gallons of whole milk per grocery store trip instead of the usual four to five gallons.  Saves room in the fridge and money.  Woo hoo !!

And why didn't I think of this sooner?  As in, sixteen-years-ago sooner?  According to a reader's suggestion on the Money Saving Mom, this method could save me somewhere in the range of $300-$400/year. Times sixteen years?  Plus interest?   I'm not an accounting major, but I think we'd have enough saved for one semester of tuition, anyway.

Ok, so now my smarty-pants dream-killer husband just walked in and informed me this plan has a kink.  Because whole milk has fat in it, we'll never get it down to the 0% fat of skim milk.  True.  While not a chemist or nutritionist, either, I'm sure we can get it down to a nominal, tolerable amount of fat, can't we?  Make up for it by doing jumping jacks every time we pour ourselves a glass of milk?

Has anyone done this already?  Any other penny pinching tips for this soon-to-be in-the-poorhouse mom?