Monday, December 24, 2012

a pleasure of the most unexpected kind

I'm baking Christmas* cookies.  The sugar cookie cut-out kind.  And because I'm an equal opportunity baker (heh) I'm making a batch of chocolate chocolate chip cookies.  With powdered sugar generously sprinkled.  Like little round bites of heaven, these chocolate cookies.

*No, not holiday cookies.  Contrary to what some fools out there in faux news land think, I am not a soldier of the made up war against Christmas. 

So while I'm getting all prepared, gathering my ingredients and as I emptied a bag of flour into the storage container, I noticed something.  Something strange.  I lurrrrve the sound and the feel of that thick, soft, hard-pliable paper package that flour comes in.  It's oddly soothing and even more oddly pleasurable.  To the point where I want to sneak into the dark, hidden recesses of my pantry and have my way with it.

I am not kidding.

If no cookies result today, you alone, reader, will know the reason why.

So here's hoping each of you discovers a new, secret pleasure this holiday season. Or even a pleasure you can share out loud with a big surprise look on your face as a camera awaits that all important snap.  Or maybe a quiet pleasure as you watch those you love, be it family or friends, talk and laugh and just be together.

Whatever your pleasure, may it be merry!