Friday, September 21, 2012

noooooo ! not my city !

Just yesterday I tried to post a response to several  Omg, Texas is so scary comments in response to my last post.  All well deserved.

But blogger wouldn't let me for some unknown reason (and it's still acting extremely bratty this morning).  

Until you come to my chosen city, Austin, is what I wanted to comment until blogger wouldn't let me for some reason   Because unlike most of the rest of red, rural Texas, Austin stands as a shining, beckoning royal blue of liberal mindedness, inviting one and all, white, black, asian, hispanic, muslim, buddhist, athiest, left wing, left-of-center wing, and yes, even right wing.

As this story, waiting in my email box this morning, will attest:

So right now I'm trying to decide how to respond.  Tonight, after I see the live music planned for several weeks now, I could head to Bud's street with some lighter fluid and a blow torch and instigate a rope burning.

Or I can just go home like a peaceful little shrink and let good ole' boy Bud have his right to free speech like our  constitution guarantees and the oft bashed ACLU helps defend.  

What say ye, readers?


Red Shoes said...

A lot of people thought it was funny when some guy hung Bush in effigy.

I don't like the idea that battle lines have become so delineated, and that people have become so mean-spirited... either side... both sides...

I have a group of friends here at work, some who are more liberal, some who are more conservative... we have our discussions, agree to disagree, and leave as friends.

Our society seems to have become mean... like one great big reality show.

I am sorry for that...


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

How disheartening.

You gotta let it go, but I'm feeling you on the lighter fluid.

Lee said...

I feel your pain. I was sickened by the guys who hung Sarah Palin in effigy in Southern California during the last election cycle. And not because I wanted that ticket to win, but because misogyny does racism.

Susan said...

Yep, I was furious with the mean spirited stuff on both sides last time around - remember the c-word tee shirts?
So- ha ha, racist ass*&%$.

Rainbow Motel said...

Tough decision, but whatever you end up doing? I'm right behind you.

Aunt Snow said...

Everyone should back down - when you demonize people personally, you've taken a dangerous step. I know that you're ultimately a measured and sensible person. Maybe you could offer Bud a cup of coffee someday and find out what his issues are.

Here in Southern California, on my daily commute between the People's Republic of Santa Monica and Hippy-Dippy Topanga where I live, I routinely encounter a large Hummer with several hateful anti-Obama bumper stickers. When I pull up beside him at a light, he just looks like a regular person. What's his story, I always wonder?

Rainbow Motel said...

There is one word that explains why I don't like gumbo. That word is OKRA. I wish I could say otherwise.