Friday, November 22, 2013

significantly distressing senior moment

Is when you cannot remember which toothbrush is your own.

Note:  All three toothbrushes are mine.  I can't remember my currently using toothbrush.  My currently using toothbrush isn't new, either.  Been using it a month, maybe two.  The other two, older toothbrushes?  One I've been using to clean my jewelry, in particular my anniversary ring, to keep the teeny diamonds shiny.  The other, I'm not even sure why it's there.  I'm guessing I've used it to clean something else or the other.  Something bathroom-ish.

So I picked the one I thought most likely candidate.  As I brushed my teeth I started gagging at the thought of gunky jewelry debris in my mouth.

Next purchase?  A new toothbrush brain.


Red Shoes said...



Coffeypot said...

Wrap a rubber hand around the handle of the one you brush your teeth with. And cut a notch in the one you use to clean your jewelery. Or put the damn thing in a different place.

smalltownme said...

I'd put the others in a different place. I would not want to brush with the one I use to clear the drain!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

YEah, I'd keep the others in a different spot. NOT a mistake I'd want to make!

shrink on the couch said...

Moving the other two would be the smart thing to do. It just didn't seem necessary until now. Which is why its such a distressing senior moment. How many more of these moments are in my future?

andrea frazer said...

what if you got a blinky one? Would that send you into a senior spasm? Hey, one more reason FB is bad. I see so much of you there I forget to check your blog and you make me LAUGH

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I use a Sonicare, so mine is easy to spot. I do keep another one for quick brushes, but I have a teeny mouth so hubs toothbrush feels too big in my hand if I do pick it up accidentally. Cleaning brushes are under the sink.

Now if I could remember why I walked into the room.