Wednesday, July 17, 2013

chasing windmills

I'm still here.  Living, breathing, eating, sleeping, and (sigh) tending to three teens which lately has meant working more hours so that I can raise them in the style to which they've become accustomed.

I've been traveling:

To NYC and the Met Museum for the first time, all by myself (with the help of my good friend, D, who gave me public transportation pointers).

View fromWashington Square, NYC 
Edith Wharton's fictional families occupied these homes.

To Washington D.C. to walk in the Chris for Life 5K raising money for colon cancer.

To NJ for a funeral.  Unfortunately my very longtime friend with colon cancer died a few short weeks after garnering the energy to walk the 5K in his moccasins.

And to NJ to play video games with my niece while I recover from a back injury caused by doing the unthinkable:  riding in a car while reaching for a bag of Salt and Vinegar potato chips.

Teach me.    

To Dallas for a wedding.

To the Texas coast for five days on the beach with nothing to do but talk with my man and catch up on some sorely neglected reading.

What else?  When I'm not driving two teen girls to separate concerts (or arguing about whether they can attend one),

my daughter and friend with Fall Out Boy

I'm teaching them to drive.  I didn't think my heart would keep ticking after teaching my oldest to drive so I'm seriously worried about surviving two at once.

I've been attending ....

prom festivities,

graduation for one smart, hardworking, handsome, and overall awesome boy,

t.u. bound
(which is aggie speak for the univ of texas)

political rallies,
Stand Up for Texas Women!!
(I'm under the tree on the left)

zoning meetings that threaten to cover with condos the cherished meadows just beyond my backyard,

and downtown firework displays.

hours of planning, parking and long walks to the river's edge 
for 12 minutes of fireworks

And most recently, apartment hunting.  Which morphed into condo hunting because I can't bear the thought of writing $800/month rent checks for my awesome boy to live in my same city. Just recently Austin was rated the most expensive city to raise a family.  I'm soon to find it's the most expensive city to house a college student.

So we're signing contracts, lining up funding, and soon enough attending a closing and outfitting an apartment, and moving my son from the only home he's known, away from a mom crying buckets of tears when nobody is looking because she's having a hard time accepting that the tiny newborn with the tiniest of feet now has large man feet that he's using to walk out into his own independent life.  Which I know is a happy ending to a happy life but it's hard to remember as I lie in bed mopping up tears.

And so you see, I'm doing all kinds of things.  Everything, it seems, but blogging.  I miss blogging and keeping up with the lives of my blogging buddies.  I've got every intention of resuming when life settles down.  But for now?

I'll be chasing windmills.
 wind farms near Taft, Texas


smalltownme said...

So many things in this post speak to me but my baby's 6'1" so that large man business hits me hard.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Girlfriend, you are BEYOND busy. I'm glad life is so full--and that you're squeezing every bit out of the opportunities.

Magpie said...

i wish i'd known you were in NY...

Kathleen Scott said...

Sounds like life is good.

Your son's college choice shows that he learned independent thinking. Congratulations! That might be the most important piece of his lifelong education.

And you might find out you love burnt orange...

Hope your group prevails against the condos.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Oh, I know the busy of which you speak. Enjoy it and know that it's actually not so bad on the other side. A lot more of that talking to your man and reading time :)

Rachel Cotterill said...

I went to New York by myself, it was my first truly solo trip - quite a big step out of my comfort zone! But I did meet some amazingly awesome friends (previously known only via the blogs) when I was there.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. And glad that most of your busy-ness sounds to be of a more positive kind.

Rainbow Motel said...

Wow! I envy the travel, but not the back surgery. Speaking of Salt and Vinegar chips? I'm doing a cleanse now and I have to eat healthy. And have no sugar, fried food or alcohol. In other words, my reasons for living. I love Austin!

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

You should have known better than to reach for those chips. That meadow is clearly meant for frolicking, not development.

Pete said...

Very cool (apart from the surgery). And I love the pic updates. Enjoy the windmill chasing. I think there's calm in the center of the storm so here's to finding it!

Pete said...

I know you have absolutely no free time to do a meme but I've tagged you for a Liebster in case you feel inspired.

shrink on the couch said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Jenn. I definitely need it. I figure it's like swimming the English Channel. You know once you get to the other side you will be alright. It's just ... getting to the other side.

Rainbow, happy to say it wasn't back surgery, only injury. Though it felt like I'd had a scalpel stuck in my SI-Joint for about two weeks.

Magpie - I was in NYC for two very short days, one of which was exploring the Met solo, which I was very surprised to find out I loved (exploring solo .. how could I not love the Met).

Kathleen - I really appreciate your spin, that my son has learned independence. Which is very true and I now feel even better about his college choice. But there won't be any cozying up to burnt orange. He's not too fond of the color, to begin with, and he doesn't like sports so no "house divided" bumper sticker on my car. Whew.