Friday, September 07, 2012

on economic conspiracy theories and donny osmond's secret love child

     My husband's and my conversations keep coming around to a conspiratorial theory about the job numbers in the economy.   Separately we've come up with the suspicion that corporations have been holding back on the hiring front, deliberately keeping the unemployment rate high so that their tax loop heavy, regulation lax GOP presidential candidate, in this case Mittens, will have a better chance of getting elected.

     So today when I saw the NYTimes blurb,

U.S. Added 96,000 Jobs in August; Unemployment Rate Fell to 8.1% 

I immediately surmised it would follow that most of those new jobs were released on August 31st following Mitt's nomination speech.  Or, in the case of companies headed by women, on August 29th, the day after Ann Romney's line,

     I mean, let's be real.  You can't tell me every GOPeep who heard that Oprah-esque shout out didn't cringe, just a little, when they saw that.  Or, like me, a full out stomach retch.  Who wrote that garbage?

     My assumption is, even the powers that be are cringing at the thought of four years of the smarmy Rmoneys in the White House (which inevitably, in most cases, leads to four more).  Four years of overly sentimentalized television journaling of the family's struggling college years, where (insert sad violin music) they had to  gasp!  sell stock - wait a sec, I need a tissue - in order to pay Mitt's law school tuition.  Four years of glamour interviews with each of the five Romney boys, where we get to listen to details of their own pulling-up-of-boot-straps stories.

     (I swear one of those boys was fathered by Donny Osmond.  You know which one I mean.)

     In any case, I am hopeful that job numbers keep rising, no matter who gets into office come November.  Various economic gurus claim we are on the right track, the worst is behind us, and that it takes money in the pockets of the middle class Americans to get back on solid ground.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Sing it, sister!

Red Shoes said...

I'm not convinced that the worst is behind us. American interests have so much money invested in the EuroZone and they are hanging by a string.

I visited Germany and The Netherlands this past summer... it seems that they are very tired of bailing out Greece and are not enjoying the prospects of having to help Spain.

I was not a fan of the Bush administration when they were spending $1.5 Billion per day, and intellectual consistency says I can't be a fan of the Obama administration spending $4.5 Billion per day.

One of my opinions about the jobs numbers, unemployment, and corporate profits is that corporations are becoming more efficient, and are doing so with fewer, more productive employees.

Whichever political party one belongs to, the common thread should be to improve our economic conditions in this country. I haven't seen anyone since the Clinton administration do this.


shrink on che couch said...

A big part of all this spending (with reminder that the Republican controlled house has authorized every penny) is to get us out of the deep cliff the Bush White House plus Reputation Congress drove us into. Some of the best economic minds said we aren't spending enough. Plus it was Cheney who said deficits don't matter.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Oooo. A conspiracy theory and a secret love child in one post!

I'm hopeful too. Full of it. :-)

Red Shoes said...

By the same token, Bush signed all of the spending bills that the Democratic Congress sent to him the last two years of his administration.

I do believe that the Dems have not passed a budget,that is required by law each year of a president's administration so that there would be no measure of the degree of overspending.

I don't care what Cheney said... as I stated earlier, I wasn't a fan of that administration either.

Our spending is out of control.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Methinks I'd enjoy your conversations at your place.

Susan said...

We elected Clinto when he said he would fix the economy and it required raising taxes. He did - it was better. Raising revenue is absolutely required. It won't stall spending. The people with money always spend.