Friday, January 20, 2012

project to do lust

I was looking in my many cookbooks online for a chicken and dumplings recipe, a dish made to Daring Daughter's perfection by the mom of her BFF.  I can't seem to duplicate the dumplings to DD's satisfaction no matter how many different ways I try.  But try I may.

In the midst of my dumpling search I stumbled across Karen's Quaint Cottage.  I used her recipe for broth, give or take.

And here is the BFF mom's recipe for her amazing, magic dumplings:

2-1/4 cups flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
3-3/4 Tablespoons Crisco
1/2 - 3/4 cup ice water

Mix well and roll to desired thickness.  The original recipe says to chill the dough - I NEVER do that - and besides it's easier to roll the dough when it's room temperature.   Cut in strips/squares/rounds/ etc.... and put in boiling broth.  Cook til done. BFF likes them very thick and chewy.  They are super easy and super good!

Seems innocent enough, though, right?  A mid-morning search for a recipe?  Until I hit the scroll bar and saw Karen's many, many woodworking projects.  Projects that make me moist drool.  Projects I would very much like to build my hubby to build.

When we were dating, one of the things I was so taken by was Sam's carpentry skills.  That he had built tables and bookshelves and bed frames and even an armoire for his first wife, all of which she took with her in the divorce.  I listened to his sad tale of a lost love, of various attempts at marital therapy.  I saw the helpless, confused and devastated look on his face.  And the part that really captured my heart?

 Armoire. He can build an armoire.

Come to me, my preciousssss.

The fact that, twenty years later, I am still without a custom built armoire is of absolutely no consequence.

What. So. Ever.

Long years of love and loyalty and lollygagging on our living room couch count for something, right?

Using my psychologist expertise I have deduced that, in his mind alone, building one's wife an armoire is a certain precursor to divorce.  Bad karma.  Marital voodoo.  A case of CPTSD*.

So instead of merely focusing on dumplings I cannot perfect or the armoire I shall never have, I've decided to construct a list of other things I'd like to have constructed.  Things without a traumatic history.

Not a Bucket List.

A Build-It List.  A Project To Do Lust.  He will be so glad I found this blog.

1. simple wooden laundry hanger (emphasis on simple, right honey?)

2. simple wooden cabinet drawer for my baking sheets, cake pans, loaf pans, muffin pans, and assundry other pans I will use once every seven years.

3. simple wooden canvas art project  for my daughters' bedroom.  See? It isn't always about me.

And that is as far as I got.  Stay tuned.

An inappropriate disclosure:

I have always considered my self a "1" on The Kinsey Scale. Karen and her woodworking skills?  Bump me up to a 2.

Post Dumpling Review:  

Not so good.  Subtle eye signals exchanged between DD and Sam told me not quite right.  They did say they prefer broth with no onions,  carrots, or celery. (To which I think, what's the point?)  In my husband's words, dare he say it, like Mama used to make.   

No explicit pronouncement on the dumplings per se although I may have heard someone mutter chewy under their breath.  My son gave it an unenthusiastic It's alright.   Compliant Daughter doesn't like anything all mixed together such as soup or stew or chicken and dumplings.  She ate two bites and tried to sneak away from the table, undetected.  But I caught her by her belt loops and sweetly suggested she Sit down, clown. If one of us has to suffer through my dumplings we all do.  

*Carpentry Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


smalltownme said...

My husband is handy, too. I rarely ask for him to build things, but last year I did and was delighted with the stork for my roof and some lovely Scandinavian style curtain rods/shelves.

Coffeypot said...

I would suggest to Sam that he build you an armorer or you will build him a casket...not a divorce.

Magpie said...

I can't get my husband to build me a shelf over my desk because everything we discuss a simple shelf he ends up wanting to renovate the whole damned basement. And the outside of the house? Same thing. It's going to fall down around us.

On the other hand, he made me a chandelier for Christmas.

Banjo @ Unfabulousness said...

That armoire is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what Sam can do!

shrink on the couch said...

smalltownme -- scandanavian curtain rods with shelves above? must hear more. no curtain rods in this house. we went minimalmist which is another word for cheap. also, many of the windows have fabulous trim that I insisted on and cost a small fortune so won't be covering those.

coffeypot -- if I could figure out how to make my corners meet...

magpie -- chandelier? now that's something for the project lust.

banjo -- afraid we won't be seeing an armoir anytime soon (ever?). truth is I haven't asked. I know it's a sensitive subject and I'm a sensitive kinda wife. but he's currently working on a plant shelf / storage drawers for son's orchid collection. not quite an armoir but he's getting there.

Ben Ditty said...

A marble sculpture of Freud? ;-)

Red Shoes said...

Oh, my Mom made the BEST dumplings!! I SO wish she could be here to make a big bunch of em...



Rachel Cotterill said...

My husband recently built us a log shed - which doesn't sound so romantic (read: French) as an armoire, but is super-practical and much appreciated nonetheless :)

Anonymous said...

How about you mention YOU want to build an armoire, does he have any advice?

'Course, you'd have to buy project materials, and then make half-assed attempts until his manliness makes him step in and do it for you. I mean, HELP you, of course.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

An armoire? Sigh.

Tammy said...

Can you believe I've never had dumplings?! My husband has built some really great wood pieces, but my favorite is our dining room table. It's made of bamboo and absolutely beautiful. And we are still married! There's always hope.

Beau's Mom said...

First: after all that work, if no one had anything good to say, make them some chocolate pudding for they still make chocolate EX-LAX?

If not: nevermind.

My husband cannot make up his mind, much less make an armoire. That's why I bought some books and learned how to do it myself.

As for recipes...I've got one on my blog today. Must be the weather.

AND: can you handle more? Next time (if ever) you make dumplings, lay them out on top of the counter (use dish towels) and let them dry out a bit (one hour at least) and they won't be 'chewy'.

Teri said...

Thanks for you comments on my blog. I joined here because I think I like your sense of humor. I think I get you! That slight bit of sarcasm, that "wink-wink", that way that you think one thing then cross it out "because"! Fun!!

Magpie said...

This one:

Susan said...

I think I would like chewy dumplings - bt I have never had that kind of dumpling, just the thick buscuit kind on top of a stew.

My husband is more of a fixer than a builder, even so I am careful when requesting projects and leave the timing up to him.

The Third Rail said...

Chewy dumplings. one wants to hear THOSE words spoken. Still, I'm finding that some of my best forays back into the cooking world are coming from Pinterest. No idea why this works better than recipe books. Maybe it's the pictures.

Slow Panic said...

oh the things my husband promised and claimed to be able to do before we got married.... can't. even. talk. about. it.

Jocelyn said...

Well, I, for one, ADORED your dumplings.

Woodworking? Oh, yes. It's about time he started proving his love.